How it works


1. Dial *#06# to find your IMEI number

2. Purchase your unlock code here: (Samsung | BlackBerry 10 | Traditional BB)

3. Your code will be emailed to you.

4. Follow the instructions: (Samsung | BlackBerry 10 | Traditional BlackBerry).



Unless they specifically say otherwise, most smartphones are sold "locked" to the carrier that you buy them from.  This means that if you try to use the phone on another carrier by changing the SIM card, you are restricted from doing so unless you have an unlock code. Each unlock code is unique to your phone, unlock codes cannot be shared or reused. provides an affordable way to purchase an unlock code and allows you to use your phone with a different carrier/network. Unlike "jailbreaking" or "rooting", unlocking is a safe, standard process that is built into the phone by the manufacturer.  Other than allowing you to use the phone on another network, unlocking doesn't alter the behaviour of your phone in any way.

In order to provide you with your unlock code we need your IMEI number. Your IMEI is a 15 digit number that uniquely identifies your phone.  After you place your order we send your code/notification via email.

Once you receive an email, we also provide detailed unlocking instructions (BlackBerry 10 | SamsungTraditional BlackBerry) to show you how to unlock your phone. Once your phone is unlocked, you will be able to use it with any compatible GSM carrier.


Contracts and Blacklisting 

Please keep in mind that unlocking doesn't remove your contractual obligations.  If you choose to move to a different service without properly terminating your contract, your original carrier may choose to blacklist your phone. Blacklisting supersedes unlocking since the blacklists are shared across different carriers.


CDMA SIM Cards (Verizon/Sprint/Boost/etc)

Once your phone is unlocked it can be used on any compatible GSM network by simply putting a SIM card from that network in the phone. Please note however the unlocked GSM phones cannot be used on CDMA networks like Verizon, Sprint and Boost in the United states. Those networks use a completely different technology and their SIM cards only exists to facilitate roaming and travel overseas with phones purchased directly from them.  

For example, you cannot unlock an AT&T phone and use it with a Verizon SIM card, however you can unlock an AT&T phone and use it with a T-Mobile SIM card.  Most international networks are GSM, so this issue is typically only arises with CDMA networks in the US (Verizon/Sprint/Boost).


Special Notes

  1. Each carrier's network allows cell phones to connect to them using one or more frequencies.  Most modern Smartphones support multiple frequencies and are compatible with a wide range of carriers, however it is important that you ensure that your model number is supported by a given carrier. Even if your phone is unlocked, it will not work on the new network if the carrier's frequency is not supported.
  2. The information above applies to the majority of Smartphones since most of them use GSM only, or GSM and CDMA. There are however a few phones which are CDMA only e.g. BlackBerry 9330, 9130, 9670, 8330. These cannot be unlocked.