“Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful”

You may have come across the “ Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful” error message while attempting to unlock your Samsung phone. It is a common message but it can actually mean one of two things.

  1. The unlock code that you have entered is incorrect (please don't just try random codes)
  2. The unlock code that you entered is correct, but you have tried the wrong code too many times (see above).

Most Samsung phones have a built-in mechanism that silently keeps track of how many times an incorrect network unlock code has been entered. Once a specific number of incorrect attempts have been made (somewhere between 3 and 10) then the unlock mechanism is frozen and all future attempts will receive the same error message even if the correct code is used. Unfortunately there is no way to tell just by looking whether not the unlock mechanism is already frozen.

If you  ordered an unlock code from us you can be pretty confident that the code is correct, so if you get the “Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful” message it can probably be solved with a DEFREEZE code. A DEFREEZE code is another eight digit code (like the network unlock code). To unlock a frozen phone, you enter the DEFREEZE code first to reset the number of attempts that you can make, and then enter the correct network unlock code. Here is what those steps look like: 

  1. Restart the phone with the new SIM Card inserted
  2. You should be prompted for an unlock code
  3. Enter the DEFREEZE code and press unlock
  4. The phone will display “Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful”
  5. Enter the NETWORK UNLOCK Code and press unlock
  6. The phone should display “Network Unlock Successful”

You may not have automatically gotten a DEFREEZE code when you ordered your unlock code from us, if that is the case then simply contact customer support and let us know about the error message so that we can assist you further.